Fabrication & Engineering

Engineered and made to your specifications

Walcon is known throughout the world for its innovative Fabrication and engineering capabilities. Each yacht harbour or marina is an individual contract that demands specific fabrication and engineering requirements.

The company’s experienced design team, coupled with our fabrication and engineering team are able to produce quality solutions not only in marina applications, but over a variety of industries.

Any specific requirement can be designed and integrated into a Walcon floating marina as can the Walcon systems be incorporated into any existing marina or development.

Walcon Marine Australasia has skilled workforces that have the capacity to produce products of the highest standards under our stringent QA systems and using the best available materials to ensure strength, longevity and minimal maintenance.

Over the years Walcon Marine has manufactured pontoons and associated equipment for both marina and commercial uses as well as special ‘one-off’ projects.

The Walcon team of engineers is well qualified to help with such projects and has acquired a reputation for being able to undertake that “project with a difference”. As a result the company has provided engineering and fabrication on a variety of floating structures for special events including floating dance platforms, temporary floating docks for international yacht races and boat shows as well as the design and installation of special facilities for disabled sailors. Commercial applications have been as varied as floating bridges, Hovercraft landing pontoons, fishing boat moorings, public access pontoons & ferry landings.

we also design and fabricate a variety of other products for other industries such as balustrading for buildings & outdoor areas, mining infrastructure and other applications.

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