Environmentally responsible construction...


Walcon’s clean and modern boardwalks can be designed and
built to customers’ specific requirements. We pride ourselves on the versatile boardwalk design which can be installed in regional areas for lake access, bushwalk lookouts and other varying landmark locations.

Our Advantage Series boardwalks can be custom designed to
suit the width and span of the desired area, and can be designed with lookout points, handrails and seating options along the boardwalk.

The Advantage Series utilises an extremely strong main profile
to which standard FRP profiles such as SHS, I Beam etc can be easily adapted to establish a very robust sub frame for use for Boardwalks, Jetties, Platforms and other structures.


 This clever design also provides ultimate strength properties at the joins as well as flexibility when changing longitudinal direction of the walkway with the structural design having independently certified to loads to 5kPa which is ideal for pedestrian and light vehicle traffic areas.