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Walcon Marine can help you to create a festival & community event like no other. Let you imagination and our expertise create and build an unforgettable on water experience that will impress and captivate. Walcon Marine draws on its substantial maritime history and expertise to provide our clients with solutions to many on water challenges.

Our knowledge and experience in providing temporary floating platforms for festival & community events enables Walcon marine to provide you with a number of variations and configurations of floating platforms from our extensive stocks of hire pontoons which are available in all states and territories. They can be transported to any location around Australia and installed for short or long term use.

Walcon Marine had the pleasure of working with 23 January 2013.
Surprising, whimsical and a whole lot of fun for no apparent reason!

Internationally-acclaimed artist Florentijn Hofman with the aim of astonishing audiences and to give them a new perspective on public spaces presented his piece. His sculptures are big, very big, and Rubber Duck is no exception.

Hofman takes great care in finding a suitable habitat for his larger-than-life works. Rubber Duck, he says, doesn’t discriminate and has no political connotation. “It relieves everyday tensions, as well as defining them. Its purpose is to do no more than amaze.”

The bright yellow inflatable is five storeys high and five storeys wide and has been popping up in various cities around the world since 2007.

Walcon Marine had the pleasure of providing services to Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority & the City of Sydney for one of the biggest Christmas festivals held in Darling Harbour which get many into the Christmas spirit.

There was so many things to see at Santa Fest; Daredevil stunts on the water, a santa fun run, fireworks, carols, Polish cuisine and folk performances, street performers, a giant lit Christmas tree, and of course Santa. This event involved giant inflatable santas, dragon-boating santas, jumping santas, Santas on jet skis, Santas on yachts, Santas on stilts, Santas on Buildings. . . Santas everywhere you look!

In 2008 Walcon Marine had the pleasure of working on the World Youth Day event held in Sydney.

World Youth Day is a Catholic youth festival that was held from July 15 to July 20 2008 in Sydney, Australia. It was the 23rd year of the World Youth Day celebrations and attended by Pope Benedict XVI. The occasion marked only the fourth Papal visit to the country at the time.

WYD 2008 was the first World Youth Day to take full advantage of telecommunications, with Pope Benedict sending daily text messages to the pilgrims and the innovative new WYD08 Social Networking site, which was launched.

World Youth Day is the largest youth event in the world, and approx. 225,000 attended the event.
Read more at www.smh.com.au

Walcon Marine has also worked on various other Festivals & Community Events in the past including;

  • Opera on the water – floating stage provided for opera performance
  • Sharktastic – Mechanical shark in darling harbour
  • Floating art pieces for community events