Walcon’s newly designed Advantage Series FRP boardwalk system has just been installed on the sand dunes in Mandurah, Western Australia, overlooking the magnificent Indian Ocean.

Manufactured completely from FRP, the Advantage Series Boardwalk and Viewing Platform is ideal for this corrosive environment.  Due to FRP’s non-corrosive properties, the City of Mandurah, now have a low maintenance structure with an expected lifespan of over 50 years.

To reduce the impact on the surrounding environment, Walcon used the Diamond Pier footing system. In addition, the Advantage Series was fabricated off-site in modular form to reduce on-site works. As a result, minimal site work significantly reduced the disturbance to the natural habitat. The boardwalk was installed using no plant or heavy equipment, and was carried out within the boardwalk footprint.

The modular design of the Advantage Series boardwalk system allows civil structures to be built in remote and rural locations. Modules are easily manhandled and located on top of the posts, removing the requirement of any heavy lifting equipment on remote sites.

Walcon can offer a vast array of optional accessories such as seating, handrails, balustrades and kick rails. Additionally, Walcon can create the Advantage Series FRP boardwalk in custom colours to suit your surrounding environment

For further information on our unique Advantage Series boardwalk system, please call us on 1300 627 462.