Walpole Jetty, NSW Completed

The completion of new Walpole Jetty is finally here! After a few trips down to the small town of Walpole, Walcon Marine has finished installing the jetty and boat ramp.

With its popular attraction for fishing we are confident that the locals will be impressed with the upgrade of the town jetty. The new jetty includes a floating design that rises and falls with the tides, ensuring the jetty is safer and more functional for users. The two new concrete boat ramps will improve launching access and will help to reduce congestion during peak periods. The old jetty was believed to be spotted under water as seasons would change and block up with boats in peak periods.

Thank you to The Department of Parks and Wild Life and Sydney Marina Contracting Pty Ltd (SMC) for the opportunity to complete this project.  Just before the warm weather is kicking in, we are excited for locals and travelers to see the successful project.

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The opening of the new Walpole Jetty Photo Credit: Walcon Marine Australasia

The opening of the Walpole Jetty
Photo Credit: Walcon Marine Australasia