Lakeside Villa Boardwalk Complete

At Walcon Marine, we are very proud of our Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Advantage Series Boardwalk Systems.

We have just recently completed another one of our popular boardwalks at Lakeside Villa in Mandurah WA.

These two structures, totalling some 56m in length, were designed using the Walcon Advantage Series Boardwalk Modular System sitting atop our excellent engineered and designed FRP leg structures. We also included lighting in to the kick rails as well as realigning the approach paths to suit the original decking levels.

The complete structure, including the leg system, was fabricated off site in our quality controlled factory, shipped to site and then manhandled in to place. Such is the design of the Advantage Series system that it eliminates the requirement of on-site fabrication, heavy plant and equipment and is extremely environmentally responsible.

The FRP colour choice was that of the clients which blends in beautifully with the surrounding environment. Our FRP Advantage Series Boardwalk System is available in a huge range of colours.