FRP Boardwalk & Viewing Platform complete, Mandurah WA

Walcon’s newly designed Advantage Series Boardwalk System has just been installed on the sand dunes overlooking the magnificent Indian Ocean in Mandurah, WA.

Manufactured completely in FRP, the Advantage Series Boardwalk and Viewing Platform is the ideal structure for the salty ocean conditions providing the client, the City of Mandurah, with long life, maintenance free infrastructure.

The modular system sits atop the Diamond Pier footing system with this combination providing very environmentally responsible construction process with all fabrication process carried out in quality controlled factory premises.

Additionally, the structure was installed on the sensitive dunes using no plant or heavy equipment and completely within the boardwalk foot print, again fully protecting the surrounding environment from damage and contaminants from plant and equipment.

Walcon offers all clients a vast array of optional accessories such as seating, hand and kick rails and also the choice of individual colour schemes in the FRP material. Unlike other conventional materials such as timber, steel and concrete, FRP requires little or no maintenance as the matrerial is non corrosive and has the colour pigmentated in to the material at manufacture. as a result, the structrure will never require refinishing and is perfect for use in high corrosive environments such as beach side location.

Advantage Series Boardwalk systems modular design provides civil structures to be built in remote and cultural and environmentally sensitive locations as the sections are easily man handled in to place and secured to the legs/posts, again removing the need for heavy plant and equipment to enter the work site.

Walcon Marine has over 55 years of design and engineering experience in the contrstruction of marina infrastructure and recently has expanded its engineering caapacity to include civil land-based structures such as can bee seen by this wonderful Mandurah project.

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FRP Boardwalk and Viewing Platform