Hire & Events


Walcon Marine is able to hire pontoon equipment on a short or long term basis, using high standard specification equipment which can be utilised to form temporary floating facilities for boat shows, exhibitions, events or special one-off occasions, such as weddings or sports events. We have in our stock over 3kms of pontoons so we can create almost any structure on water!

Available for:Sydney Football Festival, Big issue, walcon marine, on water sport events

  • Shows, Exhibitions and Events
  • Corporate Floating Platforms
  • Weddings
  • Floating Stages
  • Temporary Marinas
  • Working Platforms

Walcon Marine offers:

  • Quality, high standard specification equipment
  • Full installation and site service subject to site suitability
  • Full delivery, installation, dismantling and maintenance packages available
  • Local Authority and Health and Safety Consultation
  • Economical solutions with Walcon Marine’s proven track record74204_539051972804015_1135658628_n

Whatever your needs Walcon Marine is able to offer the complete range of its pontoons, walkways, finger pontoons and access bridges either from stock or built to order. Because the equipment is designed for use within permanent marinas and berthing facilities you can be assured of the highest standards of build quality and materials.

The equipment is proven and reliable and used in some of the worlds most prestigious locations for large events as well as smaller requirements such as firework display platforms, orchestral and presentation platforms, corporate decks and even floating desert islands!

Due to our policy of continuous product development we reserve the right to change specifications without prior notice.

To view our Youtube video on Floating pontoons click here.


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